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Join our Affiliate Partnership Program simply convert your online following to become our client and earn extra income.

Forex affiliate program is one of the most beneficial and transparent ways to earn an extra income on the Internet. As an affiliate partner, you will get part of a commission from every trade made by the traders you have referred.

Forex affiliate program is not only an additional source of income but also a chance to build up your own business. You can start a Forex-related blog, get a ready-to-use affiliate website, or become an official representative of the company in your region. Thousands of online partners share their work experience in the currency market, describing the benefits of various trading strategies they have tested on our trading accounts. Above all else, they gain high rewards and enjoy a personalized approach.

How to become partner

Become partner
  • You sign up and put a unique Honor FX banner or text link on your site
  • A client clicks on your banner and signs up
  • You get 1/2 of the spread on their forex orders – up to $300 per order
  • A partner clicks on your link and signs up – you get 1/6 of the spread from their clients
  • That partner signs up a partner – you get 1/18 of the spread from that partner’s clients

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