Euronext Fastmatch Reports Mixed FX Volumes for June 2019

Euronext, the first pan-European exchange, today announced its trading volumes and metrics for June 2018, which incurred a year-over-year decline, but managed to secure some growth over May’s metrics.

During June 2018, the exchange’s volumes, which span Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Portugal and the UK, were unable to build on consecutive yearly growth, despite seeing an upward trending movement in recent months.

The FX trading venue of Euronext has reported trading volumes for June, which also took a step back last month. Fastmatch is reporting a total of $19,275 billion that has changed hands last month, representing a 13.3 percent decline compared to June 2018.

However, the average trading volume metric was higher on a month-over-month basis, rising approximately by 12 percent relative to May 2019.

Cboe’s institutional spot FX platform, which is also a big player in the foreign exchange market, reported a 12 percent fall in average volumes compared to the previous year, with its average daily trading volumes amounting to $33.08 billion in June 2019.

Weak metrics for other segments

Elsewhere, Euronext’s average daily cash orders came in at €7.6 billion, down -14 percent year-over-year from June 2018. This reading was however higher over a monthly timeframe, rising by 3.4 percent from May 2018.

In terms of other segments at Euronext, the group’s exchange-traded-funds (ETFs) were unable to register growth in trading activity during June 2018. This segment’s ADV fell €227 million, down -10.7 percent month-over-month from May 2018. This reading was also lower a yearly timeframe, falling by -15.3 percent year-over-year from June 2018

Euronext’s equity index derivatives also retreated in June 2019, coming in at 555,310 contracts, or 3.1 percent lower month-over-month. Additionally, the ADV of individual equity derivatives were pointed lower in June 2019 to 228,099, down 9.3 percent lower month-over-month.

Looking at these figures relative to the year prior, June 2019’s performance was also downbeat year-over-year, ticking down 4.6 percent and 6.3 percent, respectively, from June 2018.

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