Withdrawal Request Form

Withdrawal request form

All information provided on this form must match the information in our records. Honorfx will only wire funds to the bank account of record and/or to the original funding source. All credit card withdrawals must be returned to the card(s) used to fund your account

Honorfx account details

Account Number :
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Amount to be withdrawn from your Honorfx trading account

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Banking information

Credit Card Number ( if applicable )
Bank name :
Bank Address :
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Bank IBAN:
Beneficiary :
Bank account number :

Reminder - Honorfx. may not make third party payments.

I/we understand and accept that by signing below, i/we have requested for funds to be withdrawn out of my/our Honorfx trading account. And I/we hereby represent that the information provided by me/us is true and correct. I/ we further represent that i/we will notify Honorfx. of any material changes in writing. Honorfx. reserves the right, but has no duty, to verify the accuracy of information provided, and to contact various sources as it deems necessary.

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