Affiliate Program

Whether you are an IB or an existing client, become an Affiliate and earn commission by referring your friends or clients to HonorFX

Share the Wealth, Become an Affiliate by referring a Friend

Share your positive HonorFX experiences with your friends, and if they start trading with us, you can benefit by getting cash! It’s a win-win scenario. The more friends you invite, the more money you make.

The requirements are simple: A referred client needs to deposit a minimum of 3000$ in his HonorFX trading account and complete 30 lots. Once it happens, the HonorFX affiliate can claim 100$ reward.

If you are an existing IB with us, then your earning as an affiliate through this offer is over and above the IB rebates that you enjoy.

That's it! Invite your friends

Don't have a real account? Hurry up, your friends are waiting!

Interested in being an Affiliate?

Register and verify your account with HonorFX. If you are an existing client or IB then directly go to step 2.
Sign up for the promotion and become an Affiliate by raising a ticket to the support team in your HonorFX client portal
Start inviting your friends
Get rewarded once your referrals have completed required trading volume within 90 days of account activation and had a minimum deposit of 3000$

Minimum deposit and number of lots required by your referral. Please ensure you read and fully understand the terms and conditions before you opt in.

Terms & Conditions

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