Technical Analysis From Trading Central

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Exceptional & actionable insights from Trading Central

HonorFX has partnered with Trading Central, whereby we offer our clients exclusive TECHNICAL ANALYSIS from them. Trading Central is the world’s only financial market research solution provider offering a unique and invaluable combination of senior analyst expertise and automated algorithms.

This proprietary pattern recognition constantly monitors the market to provide our customers actionable trading plans based on award-winning methodologies. Meanwhile, their global team of expert market technicians are present to validate all analytical output to ensure only the best analysis is published.

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For investors looking for their next idea, Trading Central’s “Technical Analysis” provides immediate positions at any time for the most liquid instruments globally. It also works as a source of professional second opinions for those who already have an investment idea.

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Through a balanced set of features comprising detailed, proactive analysis, educational guidance, and customizable options, “Technical Analysis” from Trading Central empowers investors of all skill levels to take control of their investments.


Clear Trend Lines

It shows our traders what they stand to gain and how to manage their risk with the clear price targets and pivot line


Simple Look Up

For traders looking to monitor their existing positions or validate a new


Alternative Scenario

The blue stop line marks when a trend has reversed, thereby helping traders to manage their risk on an investment


Beautiful Charts

With trading central’s beautiful new, modern charts, you wont just enjoy the analysis, you all would love the experience!